Varsity Football · Senior Night vs Dobie HS

Here is some information that you will need to know:

-Seniors are only allowed 2 escorts.

-Escorts are required to purchase tickets. We highly recommend they take advantage of purchasing tickets early. If escorts do not have a ticket, they will not be able to participate/enter/attend. Tickets will be scanned at the corner gate before they get in line with their senior. They may see seniors and their escorts lined up outside of the gate, but they will still need to enter the corner gate to have their ticket scanned first. The corner gate is to the right of the home gate entrance but before the pass gate that is near the field house/hall of honor.

-Line-up will be at 4:00 PM.

-We will have adults assigned to each organization to ensure we are lined up by the organization and correctly.

-Below is a link to the invitation. Parents may need this to request off from work.

-We will have the same photographer from last year present to capture their special moment.

-Face covering is required.